Sunday, October 21, 2007

World Development Report

Peter sent me a copy of the World Bank's report: World Development Report 2000/2001: Attacking Poverty. Its awesome. I'm even more baffled about the protests against the World Bank now than I was before. I have read a mere thirty pages, and already there are so many things worth sharing. Here are two:

1) The report discusses many many ways of calculating poverty. It discusses the ways in which some methods are useful and where they have their limits. In light of my first post of this blog, I am relieved to see that these issues are being considered at this level.

2) Peter was also kind enough to send me to the World Bank's Voices of the Poor project, a survey in which they did just that. The Report references this project to understand "poverty's multiple dimensions." They include income poverty, deprivation in the dimensions of health and education, vulnerability, and voicelessness and powerlessness.

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