Saturday, October 27, 2007

Discovery of a Continent

We're selling a cook book at work called "Discovery of a Continent: Foods, Flavors, and Inspirations from Africa" by Marcus Samuelsson. It makes my mouth water. I've flip through it at every non-academic opportunity. I can't wait to find time to cook something from it.

I bring it up because it reminds me that Africa is a real place with real people, which I think is important to note in a blog about poverty. Maybe its just easier when you talk about poverty (and other complex and depressing global issues) to talk about numbers and proportions of population than about unique individuals and cultures. On the other hand, I find myself trying to explain to people why we should care about poverty with the numbers, but it really doesen't communicate necessity, passion, purpose, heart, etc. I don't think the numbers account for the rich cultural history that's not able to contribute to global well-being. So, how about this:

Let's fight poverty so we can have berbere, roti and bobotie in restaurants instead of being forced to approximate in our own kitchens. And if that works out, maybe we can recognize that Africa (and other poverty afflicted regions) is part of the global team, and that we need Africa's (and other poverty afflicted region's) cultures to be healthy and safe, so they can better contribute to the collective dialogue about the complex and depressing global issues.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Well I agree but I think the collection should have more info then it has.