Saturday, November 3, 2007

From my Environmental Studies Class

Some Interesting Ideas:

- The UN classifies the world's countries either as economically developed or economically developing. This is based primarily on their degree of industrialization and per capita GDP. Living standards and their improvement are described by economic growth. That seems pretty content neutral, except if we remember that the environment is limited by the pace by which we consume non-renewable resources and renewable resources past the point of their ability to renew themselves. Economic growth is presently not constrained as it should be by the environment.

- Bruce talked about how the global market economy is not governed by nation-states and democratic governments. It can be influenced by governments with things like interest rates, etc. Dr. Fried discusses the changing role of government as well, from the perspective of hyperglobalists (nation-state is hollow and a zombie), skeptics (globalization reinforces and enhances state's powers), and transformationalists (globalization transforms states' powers and the outcome is uncertain).

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